Ring Blanks


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Original photo of the ring blanks

Are you looking for silver ring blanks for sample production on metal cutting machines? Then you will find our special configurator here!

Detailed information to the offered alloys

Profil 1 = right edge sharp // Profil 2 = right edge rounded // Profil 3 = rounded sharp // Profil 4 = domed slightly // Profil 5 = round // Profil 6 = outside domed // Profil 7 = inside domed // Profil 8 = inside domed sharp // Profil 9 = Outside domed sharp

Please note that the weight is calculated and may differ slightly from the produced ring blank. The price will be the same.

Surface finish:
Please note that these high quality ring blanks produced by CNC technology. The surfaces of the ring blanks are neither polished nor refined nor stamped.

Return policy:
Ring blanks for further working processes are manufactured according to your specifications and are therefore excluded from our return policy. If you still want to return a ring blank, please contact our customer service.

Time of delivery:
Your order will be transferred to our production immediately after approval by our customer service. This ensures that we can also hand over the ordering of ring blanks to the shipping service provider within 1-3 working days. If you need other items faster, then please create a new order for these items.

Company holidays production summer 2022
Production is on vacation from July 28th, 2022 - August 9th, 2022. Deliveries cannot be made during the company holidays - please note this when placing your order!

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