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Medisept Nose Piercer Studs

All jewellery for the Nose Piercer are made of high quality Titanium. Studs are available in "Polished" with a "silver" finish, and "Champagne" for a "gold" effect.

A fully disposable cartridge system, with easy, touch free loading, piercing and disposal,
the instrument offers a hygienic, touch free operation with each sealed cartridge containing one pre-sterilised nose piercing stud.

The jewellery for the Medisept system is Titanium, manufactured to FDA medical standards in the USA, with a Polished Titanium for a "silver" effect and Champagne for a "gold" look. The studs have been specifically designed with a flared post to prevent the need for a clasp inside the nostril and to remain in place throughout the entire healing period.

Each sealed cartridge contains one sterilised nose piercing stud designed to pierce the nose and remain in place during the entire healing period.

Delivery includes:

  • 1 sterilised cartridge
  • 1 Nose-Stud made of Titanium champagner (Ø 1mm Post Nose / Ø 2mm Top)

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