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Gorilla Plastic beads HB100

Easy and safe, free design, solid results!

  • Maximum plasticity
  • Long processing time
  • Flexible & resilient
  • Packaging Unit: 250 g

Gorilla Plastic HB100 is best suited for the manual forms, the creation of molds, art and for crafting.

Gorilla Plastic is a new thermoplastic biopolymer with surprising properties. At a temperature from only 65°C you can Gorilla Plastic model very easy and secure with hands-free or use a form. After cooling, it is surprisingly tough and very stable. Gorilla Plastic can retouched, painted, painted and even be reused fully. Therefore Gorilla Plastic is versatile.

At 65°-100°C, the modeling material is processed quickly

  • From 65°C Gorilla Plastic beads are soft and easy to model in seconds.
  • The easiest way is with boiling water (100°C). The beads are soft quicker. Please edit this case the modeling with tools until it is slightly cooled.
  • Please be careful not to burn at higher temperatures.
  • Remember, at 200°C, a decomposition process sets and the material is unusable.

Pleasant and varied

  • The surface of the cooled modeling has a soft and pleasant almost waxy feel.
  • The modeling looks more insulating (low thermal transport). Therefore, they can be processed very well with hands.
  • In the warm state, the modeling sticks mainly on plastics. On glass, smooth metal and silicone it does not stick.
  • The use of release agent is recommended when the bonding is not desired. Gorilla plastic but can also be used specifically as an adhesive.

Mechanical, chemical and other properties

  • The modeling clay is very solid after cooling and withstands extreme tensile load
  • Gorilla Plastic has an amazing "elongation before break" of approximately 800% !
  • With an appropriate construction absorbs the material always come back to its original shape.
  • Gorilla Plastic is mechanically reworked (cutting, drilling, grinding).
  • The modeling can be used repeatedly.
  • The modeling of plastic gorilla is insoluble in water and alcohols and has a good chemical and solvent resistance.
  • Gorilla Plastic beads have a relatively low density of 1.1g/cm³, ie are slightly heavier than water (do not swim, 1 liter modeling weighs 1.1 kilograms).

Safe, clean, environmentally friendly

  • completely safe, non-toxic and odorless
  • environmentally friendly and under normal use and storage very durable
  • Gorilla Plastic is skin-friendly and suitable for Herrvorragend imprints
  • Gorilla Plastic meets the REACH standards and has been tested according to RoHS

For which purposes can I use Gorilla Plastic?
Modelers, designers and inventors:

  • For functional models, display models or prototypes
  • For shipping, aircraft, car models. Make copies of no longer available parts by using Gorilla Plastic for the negative form creation and also to the positive parts create equal.
  • Creation of molds, for example, for silicone, vacuum or plaster cast
  • Creating mechanically strong components such as gears or ball joints
  • Metal parts such as Nut or screw may be directly integrated into the structure
  • Defined and carrying objects can be built using a wire construction. The defining wire construction is easily combined with plastic gorilla.

Hobby & Home:

  • For shipping, aircraft, car models
  • Fixing parts of each other: For example, small electric motors and the components that are to be driven, are arranged together and fixed.
  • With gorilla plastic, you can easily repair items. There are (almost) nothing that can not be repaired with Gorilla Plastic modeling. By formability it fits to every object and then right-proof and durable.
  • Make yourself mounts for cameras, mobile phones or navigation devices.

Art & Creative:

  • Free and intuitively create figures and sculptures, from the garden gnome to the Venus de Milo.
  • Simply edit the sculpture and paint or varnish or combine with other materials.
  • Let your creativity run wild! You can work intuitively with the modeling or stencil use your ideas to realize.
  • The opportunities open up to where your creativity takes you!
  • Package: 250 g
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