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The FISCHERSCOPE® X-Ray XAN® -series as well as the XDAL® - and XDV®-SDD instruments are energy dispersive high-performance X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers and provide simple, fast and accurate analysis of unknown materials. Element detection from Aluminum to Uranium is possible even at very low concentrations. Powder and paste can be analyzed in the same manner as solid materials or liquids.

The exceptionally powerful capabilities of these unique instruments are achieved by the use of a semiconductor detector with Peltier cooling for high spectral energy resolution and the WinFTM® Version 6 Software for materials and multi-dimensional coating analysis.

In combination with the application kit Gold Assay, these instrument series are also part of the FISCHERSCOPE® GOLDLINE ASSAY, ideally suited for the fast, non-destructive and accurate gold content measurement in jewelry and precious metals.

For testing RoHS and WEEE compliance, fast results can be achieved with our X-Ray models XAN® and XDV®-SDD. 

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